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It's Easy To DIY

Refilling your diesel car with AdBlue from Kemetyl is as simple as attach, click and fill, with no spills!

There are easy to follow instructions on every bottle of AdBlue but if you would like to see how easy it really is, then follow the four steps shown below.

Step One

To use Kemetyl AdBlue® Non Spill Technology, first, open the cap of the bottle.

Step Two

Screw the bottle into the AdBlue® tank neck in a clockwise direction until firmly secured.

Remember to support the bottle when refilling to avoid damage to the bottle or the tank neck.

Step Three

Pull the bottle upwards towards you and this will open the valve in the neck to start filling. When the tank is full any remaining fluid in the bottle will stop flowing.

Step Four

Push the bottle back in to close the valve. Unscrew the bottle in an anti-clockwise direction. Then dispose of bottle responsibly.
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