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Unique Non-Spill Technology


Whilst AdBlue® is classified as non-hazardous, AdBlue® corrodes surfaces such as painted vehicle components, plastics, clothing and carpets. That’s why it’s important not to spill it on your car / van or clothes. 

To minimise spillage, ISO 22241-5 has been developed by the industry which details the mechanisms that should be used to ensure a safe and non-spill top up. Here’s where the specially designed applicator on the Kemetyl 1.5ltr and 3.5ltr bottle comes into play. The applicator screws into the opening of the Adblue® tank – hence the fluid is dispensed directly into the tank – a simple and Non-Spill solution. That’s why, in line with industry guidelines, we will always recommend using our NON SPILL technology.

If you are confident in using our 4.7ltr or 10 ltr packs which come with standard spouts, but accidentally spill, then remove the spilled AdBlue® with a wet cloth and plenty of cold water. Remove crystallised AdBlue® with warm water and a sponge.

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