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With a record 1.28m diesel cars registered in the UK last year*, owners can take the easy route to a new, non-spill DIY solution for topping up the emission-busting fluid AdBlue.

Recent European legislation means that all new diesel models equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology require AdBlue to help lower harmful exhaust gasses.

Kemetyl, the leading car care products supplier, has just launched a handy 1.5 litre bottle with a unique internal screw that ensures a watertight connection on the tank receiver.

The special design, which meets ISO standard 22241, avoids the risk of splashing  fluid on hands, clothes and bodywork. While AdBlue is non-hazardous to handle, spillages can cause irritation to skin and eyes or leave a white residue that may corrode paint and metal work.

Kemetyl's AdBlue bottle neatly screws into the tank neck and a simple push button ejects a valve to start/stop the filling operation. When the tank is full, any remaining fluid in the bottle will stop flowing.

"Most cars will typically need 3-4 refills a year depending on annual mileage, driving style and tank capacity" explains Adam Gordon, country manager at Kemetyl Accessories UK.

"The AdBlue tank will need to be replenished more frequently than topping up antifreeze, brake fluid and engine oil. It's also important to adopt a regular refill regime as some engines may not restart if you run out." he warned.

For where to put AdBlue, Kemetyl says the filler cap is usually found next to the diesel fuel cap but, in some models, it may be located in the boot. If in any doubt, the company recommends consulting the vehicle's manual.

To buy Kemetyl AdBlue with its innovative screw please go to The 1.5 litre bottle costs from £6.99 including shipping. Larger pack sizes are also available.


*Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) new vehicle registrations data 2016.