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Avoid motoring snags with regular AdBlue top-up Regime

Diesel car owners are being urged to top up their AdBlue tanks regularly so they steer clear of potential pitfalls such as breakdowns and sluggish performance.

That's the advice from car care products supplier Kemetyl who warns some engines may not restart or run below par if drivers ignore their dashboard refill alerts and run dry.

Kemetyl estimates most motorists will need to replenish their tanks every three months depending on tank capacity, mileage and driving style.

All diesel cars fitted with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology need AdBlue fluid to curb noxious exhaust fumes under the latest European emissions legislation. A dose of AdBlue is injected from the tank into the exhaust system to breakdown harmful gases.

Kemetyl's new 1.5 litre AdBlue bottle is specially designed as a quick, no-spill DIY solution for safely topping up tanks without the risk of splashing fluid on hands, clothes or bodywork.

A watertight connection on the tank receiver is achieved thanks to a clever internal screw while a push button ejects a valve to start/stop the fill-up. Any leftover fluid will automatically stop flowing when the tank is full.

"As there are a wide variety of tank sizes, it's tricky to exactly predict the frequency of top-ups but they will be required between scheduled service intervals. Most importantly, drivers should make sure they don't run the risk of a breakdown by ignoring the AdBlue refill warning light," commented Adam Gordon, country manager at Kemetyl Accessories UK.

Visit to find out where to buy Kemetyl AdBlue and watch a useful video on how to top up an AdBlue tank.

To mark the launch of the AdBlue website, Kemetyl is offering a free Little Trees air freshener with every order until the end of April. The 1.5 litre pack costs £6.99 and includes shipping.